Diligent statistics Mark I

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190626, 191009, 191028

Submitted by Scott Lusby (co-circe@alt-starfleet-rpg.org)
Modified by Jeffrey Jenkins

Class Name        : DILIGENT
Classification    : Escort
Type              : DE (Escort Destroyer)
Model Number      : I

Length            : 187.5 m
Beam              : 114.3 m
Draft             :  37.2 m
Displacement      : 404,060 mt

Total Standard    : 101
Officers          :   7
Crew              :  59
Marines           :  35

Passengers        :   5

Warp Propulsion System
        Drive Type        : ILN-617 Mk VIII
	Number            : 2
	Main Reactor      : FRAM-867

Impulse System
        Drive Type        : GDP-1 (Gravity Planing Drive, Model 1)
	Number            : 2
	Secondary Reactor : FGRIF-800 Network

D-Warp Drive              : Dim-IV Di1i

Thruster Control : Quickstep

	Standard Cruise Speed    : 7.0
	Maximum Cruise Speed     : 9.5
	Sustainable for 12 hours : 9.86
	Maximum Emergency Speed  : 9.92
	Core Failure Imminent    : 9.98

	Phaser, Type XI
		Number : 7 banks (11 arrays)
		Range  : 345,000 km
		Arcs   : Forward dorsal array
                         Forward port array
                         Forward starboard array
		         Ventral (f/p/s arrays)
                         Starboard nacelle (d/v arrays)
                         Port nacelle (d/v arrays)
		         Engineering hull array

	Flux Torpedo, Mk II Seeking/Direct
		Number : 3 tubes
		Range  : 3,500,000 km
		Arcs   : 2 forward (ventral), 1 aft (dorsal)

Point Defense Lasers, type III 
Number: 			8 (4 turrets of 2 lasers each) 
Range:				250,000 km 
  mid saucer, lateral (f/p)     1
  mid-saucer, lateral (f/s)     1
  nacelle (s/a)                 1
  nacelle (p/a)                 1

Deflector System : FD-8e "Carapace" cocoon multiphasic deflector system
Number of Generators   : 6
Augmentation           : Enhanced Metaphasic, rapid EM re-modulation

Passive Defense System(s)
Type:                  Ablative Armor

	Standard, 6-person   : 4
        Emergency 16-person  : 1
        Combat 12-person     : 1
	Cargo                : 2

Shuttle Bays                 : 1 
Embarked Craft
        Shuttlecraft, small  : 1
	Shuttlepod           : 2
        Shuttle, D-warp      : 1


The DILIGENT-class escort was built with the intention of replacing the aging THUNDERBOLT/DEFIANT spaceframe with a newer, more modern design. Although she is still one of the smallest destroyers in service, the extra volume allows relative to THUNDERBOLT allows her to carry a full platoon of Marines. The somewhat larger spaceframe also allows the design to carry more supplies, thereby addressing the key flaw in the THUNDERBOLT -- lack of cruising range. However, the design incorporates everything that made the DEFIANT spaceframe a success: relatively small, highly maneuverable and, above all, a potent offensive punch for a ship of her size.

DILIGENT's main asset are her weapons array and tactical sensor systems. Unlike the THUNDERBOLT which was built around a set of narrow-angle forward-firing pulse phasers, she mounts more conventional parallel arrays which give her a far broader field of fire than her cousin. This allows DILIGENT to engage multiple targets from various attack angles. This allows the escort to place herself squarely between multiple hostile targets and her charges at all times. A large portion of her hull volume is dedicated to 7 capacitor banks to power 11 arrays. While sacrificing the hard-hitting concentrated punch of the pulse phasers hurts her maximum damage potential against a single opponent, she has nearly the flexibility of a light cruiser in her firing patterns. Her torpedoes are the longer-range, harder-hitting Mark II flux torpedoes. While the design is still too small to handle the multi-fire Mk III tube, she has an advantage oft an aft firing tube over the THUNDERBOLT. Her shields are also reinforced relative to those of THUNDERBOLT and her hull is coated with advanced ceramic ablative armor. She also carries a limited point defense laser system to further aid her ability to protect her charges.

The DILIGENT possesses 6 decks; though no science labs of any value are to be found on this warship, there is plenty of space for its officers and crew to maintain normal -- if spartan -- quarters for extended missions, alleviating the overcrowded feeling of THUNDERBOLT during long patrols.