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Welcome to Alt.Starfleet.Rpg (ASR): an online Star Trek role-play writing club made up of more than 75 writers spread across 14 units set within 3 distinct "timelines." Here we continue Gene Roddenberry's story-telling legacy, weaving adventures set on a variety of intrepid starships, frontier starbases, and strange new worlds. We offer loads of collaborative writing talent, hilarious side banter, and the promise of fun memories for years to come. To explore our universe, follow the links above and below or contact the Club Administration with any questions. Join us for the ongoing Journey into the Future!

Federico Colnago,
Admiral Lo'Rel Kaderji
Commander-in-Chief, Star Fleet

Timothy Sowards,
Admiral Thomas J Denning
Chief of Star Fleet Operations

Writing Groups

STAR FLEET: PRIME (Stardate: 2427)

In existence since 1991, currently supports 6 starships and starbase writing units spread across two "color" fleets- Blue Fleet and Silver Fleet. Their goal: protect the Federation and its members in an ever-increasingly dangerous galaxy, all while pushing the frontiers of science and discovery.

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