ASR Honors List- April 2008 Round Table

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We are sorry that these awards took so long to be posted, but real
life must take a precedent.

Please join me in congratulating writers and administrators listed
below; they are examples of the finest that ASR has to offer.

This time around, the list is a large one! CONGRATS one and all!


Bruce Summa,
ADM Sharas Tavell
Commander-in-Chief, Star Fleet (CINCSF)
Star Fleet Command, SB ALPHA


Offically Introducing Our New CSFO:

Lena Rose,
ADM Xelestra Zadara
Chief of Starfleet Operations (CSFO)
Star Fleet Command, SB ALPHA

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Antje Bechtoldt (OPS, USS NOVA): Antje has been a driving factor in 
story an plot development on NOVA. Her creative energies and behind- 
the-scenes work have helped energize both the command team and story 
telling on the ship.

David Martens (CO, USS YORKTOWN; SCI, USS EXCALIBUR): With energy, 
enthusiasm, and an emphasis on communication, David has shown his 
leadership on YORKTOWN. David has continued to do the same for EXCALIBUR 
as a player as well. He shapes the plot to involve his players in the 
ongoing events in a way that helps them tell a story together.

Kevin Thigpen (XO, USS FEARLESS): Kevin is a dedicated writer who helps
to drive the story while including the other players. He is a valuable
asset within the command team who has consistently helped to contribute
to the overall health and success of the unit.

Sean Murphy (CO, DS13): Mr. Murphy has long been one of ASR's elite
players, but, along with the station's new XO, has been at the
forefront of DS13's resurgence, sparking activity with a combination
of strong writing and motivation behind the scenes. A model for all
new unit CO's out there.

Susanne Dubrov (XO, DS13): Ms. Dubrov is so nominated for the
enthusiasm with which she tackled a new and potentially daunting
tasks as well as the quality with which she handled those tasks. She
completes a formidable command team on DS13.

Anna Cordray (XO, SB SAIKAI): A year ago when the merger of the USS
MACRONIN and the USS COVENTRY was proposed, Anna was instrumental in
helping get the newly formed combo unit, STARBASE SAIKAI, up and
running. Her assist and at time, spearheading, lead to a smooth
merger and transition. Now, her continued leadership has been proven
again and again by assisting the CO, Ed Bell, with details about the
crew of the MACRONIN who are now part of the crew of the station.
She is also credited with being the primary developer of the
station's first mission: Invasion of the Elite. While her
experience as both a unit commander (the MACRONIN) and as a unit
executive officer (SAIKAI), she has proven to be a perfect fit for
SAIKAI. Her command skills will be put to the test ago as she moves
to assume the role of acting commander of SAIKAI when the present
commander, Ed Bell, will be forced into a more background role ont he
station when he deploys this summer.

Lena Rose (OPS, SB SAIKAI): Lena has continued to expand her
experience within ASR by continuing to excel in whatever billet she's
placed in. She was instrumental in helping to keep COVENTRY going as
well as was excited in coming over to SAIKAI as the station CMO. At
one point, she moved from CMO to OPS, while maintaining the NRP XO
character on COVENTRY and a retired NPC character on the SANTA ROSA.
Most recently, she had excepted and was elected the CSFO. She has
proven to be an energetic writer, a prolific poster, and one who has
proven to never be afraid to open and explore new ground.

Karen Fainges (CO, USS ANDROMEDA) : I also want to recognize Karen
Fainges for her efforts. Not only for the USS ANDROMEDA, but for her
help in all facets of ASR. If not for her guidance, some of us would
not still be here. - Mary

Tim Cooke (XO, USS NEBULA)
Tim continually provides excellent writing in support of all aspects
of mission development, execution and management. Always willing to
support joint postings and pushing the mission forward, he is and
remains a key member of the NEBULA team.

Kevin Thigpen (CNS, USS KIROV). Kevin continues to be the driving
force for KIROV and her crew. He throws himself into every mission
helping to keep the plot moving and provide hooks for his teammates.
Kevin has also taken it upon himself with new players joining the
ship. He works with them both in RP and NRPG to help them feel
comfortable with this new experience whether it be through numerous
joint posts or some behind the scenes cheerleading. Additionally
Kevin has plowed much of his free time into developing art work, cut
scenes and other media designed to promote KIROV and her crew. He
truly is the heart of the ship!

Tim Soward (CO, YAMATO): Tim took over command of the Yamato at a
time when the unit was in serious trouble.

Markku (XO, ANDROMEDA) : Mark helps keep the storylines and the
writing fresh aboard the ANDROMEDA.

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Justin Anderson (TAC/SEC, DS13): Mr. Anderson took to his new role
like he was born to it; he is imaginative and creative and a real
asset to the unit.

Lena Rose (COU, USS CIRCE): Ms. Rose is nominated for the quality
with which she writes and the consistency that she does it. She is
the backbone of CIRCE, and the unit has come to depend on her

Roger Bedford (OPS, ORESTES): Mr. Bedford has been the backbone of
ORESTES STATION, ably complimenting the creativity of the commands
team with regular, consistent writing. His ability to introduce new
dimensions to the plot while continuing to focus on the established
story makes him an ideal mentor for any new writer joining the game.

Jenna Povey (COU, ANDROMEDA): Jenna's character helps keep the rest
of us sane. Her character gives us a different perspective on the
universe around us.

SB SAIKAI WRITERS: I'm requesting the following be recognized as some
of the best writer's I have on the station. Their accomplishments
are unique as well as similar so I'm going to use a blanket for
them. They have all been supportive of the merger and fought to make
it work. Their hard work as paid off, making SAIKAI what it is
today. Their work to make SAIKAI the best unit in GREEN will carry
them to become the best unit in SILVER. I can't single anyone writer
out so I'm recognizing them all for their continued hard work:

Pawel Zarzycki: TAC and CAG(SAIKAI)
Andrew Bell: SCI(SAIKAI)
Stephen Hensel: MCO(SAIKAI)

Charles F. (ENG, USS ANDROMEDA) playing Ensign Cor MacClellan, Chief
Engineering Officer, SILVER Fleet, is a new player but you would
never know it. He offers great plotlines, supports other players and
is a joy to read.

Lisa Krause (CMO, USS ANDROMEDA) has joined the crew as Ensign
Julianne Chandler Chief Medical officer and is already fitting in.
Her starting posts show a character with a lot of potential to add a
great deal to the crew.

Timothy Sowards (SOO, USS ANDROMEDA) Aka Lt Commander T. Reese an
information officer isbringing a new role to the USS Andromeda and
interest is running high. If he keeps on with the posts he's already
offered, he will be continue to be a valuable member of the crew.

Scott Ramos (OPS, AMBERJACK) He had been in more positions on this
unit than a Laz-Boy Recliner. Any time we need a position filled, he
steps up. I couldn't or wouldn't want to, do this sim without him.

Nel McKenize (TAC, AMBERJACK) Her schedule gets in the way of her
writing from time to time, but her Chief of Security character always
adds that extra spice to this unit. When the story line sag a bit, I
can always count on her character to come up with something.

All the Players (USS YAMATO) They took a unit that was dead in the
water and brought it back to life BEST CREW in SILVER.

= = = = = = = = = =




STARBASE SAIKAI: Located in the Gamma Hydrae Sector, SAIKAI
represents what is was the newest addition to GREENFLT. Developed as
a REDOUBT-class command station, the role of SAIKAI is now the
Federation and Starfleet's eyes and ears on the newly formed Klingon
Confederation. SAIKAI was created 1 year ago by way of a merger
between the crew of the USS COVENTRY and the crew of the USS
MACRONIN. Writers of both units either transferred their ship
characters to the station or created new characters for SAIKAI.
SAIKAI is unique in that the two units which had spawned it are still
in existence. Both COVENTRY and MACRONIN actively post to the
station, either in conjunction with the station mission or on
side bar threads. Five months ago, the station added a third NPV,
the USS SANTA ROSA, under the NPC command of the station's SEC, Tim
Sowards. With the contraction of GREENFLT and having a change of
Flag to SILVER, the station will also end up being the home station
for another GREENFLT unit than has come over to SILVER: the USS
AMBERJACK. This brings the total number of polt vessels at SAIKAI to

SAIKAI represents a mixture of station RP and shipboard RP. At any
one time, SAIKAI could have as many as six different threads going
on, which can either be station-mission related or sidebar. It is
this reason that the station has garnered over 30% of GREENFLT's
posting rate for the last twelve months as well as holding the
monthly high posting rates for GREEN 9 out the last 12 months. It is
hoped that SAIKAI will continue to provide a rich story-creating
atmosphere for several years to come under this present operational
set-up. It is also hoped that the other units in SILVER look to the
station in the form of future cross-over missions, as seen with the
pairing of the COVENTRY and the AMBERJACK.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Marco Mueller: Mr. Mueller has done it all in ASR- he has held
administrative positions, he has commanded units, and he has been a
rank-and-file writer. In all cases, Mr. Mueller showed himself to be
a true professional and always conducted himself in a professional
manner. Mr. Mueller will be missed in ASR.