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Played by John Birtles - updated SD 240422.

LTJG James Doyle


A. Billet Information

  • FIRST NAME: James
  • SURNAME: Doyle
  • CURRENT RANK: Lieutenant JG (O-2)
  • GENDER/SEX: Male
  • AGE: 30 TSY
  • DOB: 10th of January 2394
  • POB: London, England, Earth

B. Family

    • John Doyle [father] (born 2367, Experimental Engineer, Kings College, Oxford University)
    • Susan Winson [mother] (born 2368, Dialect Professor, Salford University)
    • Mark Doyle [Brother] (born 2401, Trainee Civil Engineer, Titan City, Earth Moon)
    • None
    • None

C. Physical Description

  • HEIGHT: 180 cm
  • WEIGHT: 57.2 kg
  • HAIR: Dark Brown
  • EYES: Dark Brown
  • SKIN TONE: Light
  • VISION: 10/10
  • RELIGION: None
  • LANGUAGES: English, Vulcan, Romulan, Andorian, French, Italian


A. Academic Institutions Attended

-- Star Fleet Academy

B. Service Schools Attended

-- Star Fleet Engineering School

C. Qualification

-- Engineering Officer
-- Operations Specialist
-- Bridge Officer
-- Historian

D. Star Fleet Academy Record

-- Professional Major: Warp Theory/Engineering
-- Professional Minor: Tactical Operations 
-- Class Rank: Cadet
-- Reprimands: 0 
-- Commendations: 1
-- Athletics: Cross Country Team 
-- Activities: Member of Swift Shuttle Racing Team 


A. Chronology (tabular form)

  • 0-4 Born and raised in London, England, Earth
  • 14-18 Tutored in Engineering
  • 18-22 Starfleet Academy
  • 23 – Present: Active duty in Starfleet

B. Background Summary:

It was obvious from an early stage that even though he had the abilities for dialect and language his interests lay in engineering, something he was keen to develop. His tutors added a proviso that time would be taken to work on the dialect and language skills, something which has stood him well in his later career.

Joining Starfleet Academy was a big change for James moving from a family orientated setting to an open and social arena that initially caused a few issues. As expected it was at engineering school that he excelled, he had no interest in pursuing and other avenues and it was only at the insistence of one of the tutors that he took on the operations role as a minor at the academy.

The assignment to the USS FALINGE was as he put it the most amazing opportunity he had experienced, if it wasn’t the accident on that ship he would have been a confident officer looking at a very bright future. During his time at the fleet yards he became more withdrawn and isolated, but with extensive counselling James began to redevelop his life and his career, earning him the respect of the engineering team there. It was this team that put him forward for the assistant CEO’s post on SORANUS. It was soon after this that he was promoted to CEO of the SORANUS after the CO and XO noticed that he had far more to offer, promoted to LTJG (O-2) he has held this rank to date.

C. Personality Summary

James is not the most sociable animal and can come across as a bit of a geek and uptight although a he is eager to become an accepted member of the crew and makes an unwavering loyal friend. He is not fond of difficult situations and tends to try and find a solution before it becomes an issue, even if it may cause him some difficulties. He is open-minded and will never judge people; he takes his role as the Chief Engineer seriously and is always looking for 110%. To James Starfleet is more than a vocation it is his life and he can be counted on to fulfil his duty regardless of the situation.


A. Promotion History

  • SD 150405 Commissioned as Ensign (O-1)
  • SD 170410 Promoted to rank of Lieutenant J.G. (O-2)

B. Service History

  • SD 150405 Graduated with honours, Starfleet Academy
  • SD 150410 Commissioned as Ensign (O-1), assigned Assistant Warp Engineer – USS FALINGE
  • SD 150709 Attended training on first contact and away mission protocols
  • SD 160125 Warp Enhancement Accident – USS FALINGE
  • SD 160126 Transferred to the care of Starfleet Medical
  • SD 161130 Transferred to San Francisco Fleet Yards, Earth – Overseeing refit of USS ZEDBURGH (by request)
  • SD 170210 Transferred to USS SORANUS as assistant Chief Engineering Officer
  • SD 170410 Promoted to rank of Lieutenant JG (O-2)
  • SD 170411 Assigned Chief Engineering Officer USS SORANUS
  • SD 180722 Declared MIA with the rest of USS SORANUS
  • SD 220401 Found, together with other SORANUS' crewmember, on a shuttle around Plexa IV
  • SD 220628 After rehabilitation, declared fit for service and reinstated in Star Fleet, assigned to USS FENRIR

C. Medals and Commendations

  • Commendation for actions during the warp enhancement test disaster onboard USS FALINGE


A gifted engineer and dedicated officer James has an amazing ability to almost communicate with technology. His skills with ecology, history and language make him an obvious choice for first contact and away missions coupled with his operations training. He has the ability to be a natural team leader if he can regain the confidence he lost during the accident on the USS FALINGE.


“His fitness regime seems allows James the level of stamina generally unseen throughout the engineering branch, his dedication to his post is unquestionable and allows an almost un-depleted energy reserve as and when it is needed most. Recently demonstrated during the engineering incident, remarkable”

  • CDR Kim de Vros

"Lieutenant Doyle has proven himself more than capable since joining the crew of the SORANUS. In his time on the SORANUS, he has proven himself amongst the best Engineers in the fleet, conjuring the miracles that only Engineers are able to create, when needed. A walk around engineering, or contact with the Engineering personnel speaks volumes about Doyle and his place as Chief Engineering Officer. His people are loyal, and excel under excellent leadership. Lieutenant Doyle sets a high standard amongst his people, but his leadership brings ensures his people meet, and exceed those standards. We are extremely fortunate to have Doyle as our Chief Engineering Officer."

  • LCDR, Paul Henderson


“James had a difficult time overcoming the incident on the USS FALINGE and it has greatly affected his personality and confidence. Although he is a competent officer his self-confidence has taken a massive hit. His request to be transferred to the fleet yards was a prime example. He is also have difficulty coming to terms with the Borg technology used to recreate his spinal column, it is as if he sees himself as a little less human. His transfer back in space seems to have had a positive affect and massive strides have occurred in a short space of time. I recommend that he is subject to regular reassessments, at least two a year with the ships counsellor”

  • LCDR L'Renth
  • Specialist Counsellor, Star Fleet Medical
  • Return to duty ship duty evaluation, SD 170210.


James is fascinated with history ecology and avidly pursues these interests during his free time. He is also a fitness buff and can be seen undertaking a deck by deck run on a regular basis. When he is not engaging in these activities he can be found practicing his social skills or on the shuttle deck tinkering with the speedboat style shuttles.


James suffered a serious accident on his first posting on USS FALINGE, whilst running a warp enhancement test a main plasma conduit blew, James went back in to rescue the CEO just as the main conduit collapsed crushing him severely damaging his spine. His spine was rebuilt using adapted Borg technology and is now better than new, however it James found the psychological effects hard to deal with and requested a posting at the San Francisco fleet yards.