ASR Player's Manual Appendix L: Duty Uniforms

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Created by Edward Bell and Sean Tourengeau


The latest duty uniform design is an all-black affair. It features a black jacket with a high Prussian-style collar and a belt clasped around the waist. The shoulder yoke is piped in the group/department color in a single, .5 cm stripe. Flag officers uniforms have an additional stripe of gold piping along the yoke.

The Star Fleet chevron isused as the officer's belt clasp design, and is offset to the left when worn; flag officer's clasps contain the United Federation of Planets seal, and is centered on the waist.

The rank insignia is no longer placed on the collar; instead, it is placed just above the right breast, above the yoke piping, as in the Enterprise television series. The Star Fleet chevron is placed in its normal location, on the left breast.

On the shoulders, just above the yoke piping, are found two patches: the left shoulder contains the United Federation of Planets banner, while the right shoulder contains the unit flash. Flag officers do not have a unit-specific flash.

Each sleeve cuff contains striping appropriate to the officer's rank. Above these rank stripes is a single, 2cm stipe in the color of the officer's group or department, with an inverted Star Fleet chevron affixed over it. Again, this stripe is bordered in gold on the flag officer's uniform.

The trousers are similar to previous designs. They have two .5 cm stripes running the length of each leg. On officer's uniforms, these stripes are in the group or department color of the officer; on a flag officer's uniform, the forward stripe is gold.

These trousers lay on top of standard-issue boots, as in previous designs.

Flag Officers of the Star Fleet Navy and Marine Corps

Flag Officer Uniform (O-10 shown)

Officers of the Star Fleet Navy and Marine Corps

Senior/Junior Officer Uniform (O-6 shown)

Warrant Officers of the Star Fleet Navy and Marine Corps

Warrant dutyver7.6j.png

Non-Commissioned Officer and Enlisted Personnel Uniforms of the Star Fleet Navy and Marine Corps

Enlisted dutyver7.6j.png