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U.S.S. Nova Central Database
Updated SD 220127

USS NOVA Uniform Patch

Welcome to the homepage for the Solar-class command battlecruiser USS Nova. This page provides general information about the Federation starship USS Nova. The Nova presently servers as the command ship of Tactical Squadron 23 in Blue Fleet in the Alt.StarFleet.RPG Universe.

The first USS Nova was commissioned in 2403 as a Galaxy-class starship. The ship saw service in Gold Fleet, Blue Fleet, Green Fleet, and Red Fleets. She was refit in 2407 to Endeavour-class specifications while serving in Red Fleet. She was destroyed on stardate 80718 in action in the Bellatrix system, home of Blue Fleet's Starbase Gamma, while defending the base from Dominion attack.

The Nova-A was commissioned on stardate 80813 (13 August 1996/2408) in Indigo Fleet under the command of Captain J. Robert Brooks. She was transferred to Gold Fleet on Stardate , and finally back to Blue Fleet on Stardate 190501.

If you are interested in more information about the Nova, please contact Jeffrey Jenkins, who plays Captain J. Robert Brooks. He also plays ADM John R. Brooks, Commander in Chief Blue Fleet. Inquiries regarding role playing opportunities in Blue may be directed to him.

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