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U.S.S. Circe-A Central Database
Updated SD 270712

USS CIRCE Uniform Patch

Welcome to the central database for the Circe-Class Command Battlecruiser USS Circe-A. We hope you find the information for which you are looking.

The Circe has been a ship of long service in ASR. Since her opening in 1999, the Circe has served in many critical areas, including missions to Romulus and the major fleet actions at Jar'mas and Briol.

The Circe was commissioned on Stardate 101101 (01 November 1998/2410) in Green Fleet under the command of CAPT James Lawrence. She had 5 different masters in her time, until her destruction in 2423. Since then, a new Circe has been built- the Circe-A- and has been launched as a free thread unit under the command of CAPT A.P. Makkedor.

Currently, the Circe is closed as a group RP unit. Inquiries regarding role playing opportunities in STAR FLEET may be directed to Tim Sowards who plays the current Chief of Star Fleet Operations.

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