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Timeline of Events- Alternate Timeline


Timeline of Events

21st century


  • The interstellar probe Nomad is launched.


  • The past events of "Carpenter Street". (Enterprise)


  • The first successful Earth-Saturn spaceprobe mission takes place.


  • The world's first self-sustaining civic environment Millennium Gate which became the model for the first habitat on Mars, completed in Portage Creek, Indiana. ("11:59", Voyager)


  • Sleeper ships are made obsolete. ("Space Seed", The Original Series)


  • The 'reunification' of Ireland by the United Kingdom.
  • The past events of "Past Tense" (Deep Space 9)


  • Ares-IV, a manned mission to Mars is launched.


  • The spaceship Charybdis makes an attempt to leave the solar system. ("The Royale", The Next Generation)


  • World War III ends and the Earth is left devastated by the nuclear carnage of it. Scientific advancement continues, however. (Star Trek: First Contact)


  • Zefram Cochrane makes the first human warp flight with the Phoenix. This attracts the Vulcans and they make first contact with humans. (Star Trek: First Contact)


  • The SS Valiant is launched. ("Where No Man Has Gone Before", TOS)


  • The unmanned interstellar warp probe Friendship 1 is launched. ("Friendship One", Voyager)


  • The colony ship SS Conestoga is launched. It would found the Terra Nova colony. ("Terra Nova", Enterprise)


  • Earth begins to recover from its nuclear war. ("Encounter at Farpoint", TNG)


  • Future Enterprise chief science officer T'Pol is born on Vulcan.

22nd century


  • Jonathan Archer is born in upstate New York on Earth. ("In a Mirror, Darkly", Enterprise)


  • Zefram Cochrane who now is residing on Alpha Centauri sets off for parts unknown and disappears. Some thought he was testing a new engine. After an exhaustive search, it is believed that Cochrane has died. He becomes one of the most famous missing people in history. ("Metamorphosis", TOS)


  • Hoshi Sato is born. ("In a Mirror, Darkly", Enterprise)


  • The events of Star Trek: Enterprise take place.


  • The Earth-Romulan War is fought between the United Earth and its allies, and the Romulan Star Empire. The war ends in a stalemate though the Romulans are defeated at the Battle of Cheron. The Romulan Neutral Zone is established.


  • The United Federation of Planets is founded by Earth, Tellar, Andoria, and Vulcan. ("Conundrum", TNG; "These Are the Voyages...", Enterprise)


  • Sarek, Federation diplomat and father of Spock, is born on Vulcan. ("Journey to Babel", TOS)

2160s to 2196

  • The Daedalus-class starship is active. ("Power Play", TNG)


23rd century










  • Leonard McCoy is born in Georgia on Earth. ("Encounter at Farpoint", TNG)


  • Spock, the son of Sarek and the human Amanda Grayson, is born on Vulcan. (Star Trek)


NOTE: it is at this point that the timeline of STAR FLEET: ORIGINS splits from the STAR FLEET: PRIME timeline. Everything from this point on is a part of the ORIGINS back story only.


  • The USS Kelvin is destroyed by the Romulan ship Narada, which has accidentally come back in time from the year 2387 while attempting to kill Spock; whom Nero blamed for the destruction of Romulus. (Star Trek)
  • James T. Kirk is born in space when his mother goes into labor during the attack on the U.S.S. Kelvin. George Kirk, father of James Kirk, dies. (Star Trek)




  • Hikaru Sulu is born in San Francisco.



  • Pavel Chekov is born to Ukrainian parents. (Star Trek)


  • The Romulan ship Narada destroys the bulk of the Klingon fleet, 47 warships in total and makes towards Vulcan. (Star Trek)
  • The USS Enterprise NCC-1701 is launched on her maiden voyage under Captain Christopher Pike. However, she arrives at Vulcan too late: the Narada destroys the planet Vulcan- killing billions, including Spock's mother, as well as the starships USS Farragut and the USS Hood. (Star Trek)
  • The Enterprise, now under the command of James T. Kirk, manages to destroy the Narada before it can destroy Earth. (Star Trek)

NOTE: the events that follow come from either the role-play of the ORIGINS units or their back-stories.




  • The USS Intrepid is dispatched to the planet Altura to perform a detailed survey of the Class-M planet as a potential colony. Plant pollen on the planet is found to have psychotropic properties, which renders the planet unsuitable for colonization. ("USS INTREPID: A Vacation in Paradise")
  • The USS Constellation uncovers an alternate-timeline conspiracy on Mirra Bella and puts an end to it.
  • The USS Hood, in a completely unrelated event, finds evidence of yet another mirror-universe incusrion into this timeline during its investigation into events at the Celes II Mining Colony.
  • The USS Yorktown and the USS Excalbur are dispatched to Mirra Bella to rendezvous with USS Constellation for a transfer of prisoners, including Commodore Ruth Berlen, as well as the corpse of Petty Officer Vic Ballantine.
  • The USS Defiant completes its refit and begins systems testing under the command of Captain Rick Lewis.
  • Captain Emiko Oda of the USS Lexington is replaced as Commanding Officer by Captain Octavian Rafe.
  • The USS Intrepid is sent to investigate the attack by an unknown assailant on the USS KEPLER. INTREPID is attacked by the Gorn pirates that destroyed the KEPLER, and succeeds in destroying the Gorn pirates. ("USS INTREPID: Moving On")
  • The USS Lexington is dispatched to the edge of ORION space. Officially this is a shakedown cruise to allow the new CO and officers to get to know ship and crew. Unofficially they are charged with apprehending a rogue inteligence officer.
  • The USS Defiant is re-launched under the command of Captain Rick Lewis.
  • The Constitution-class USS Endeavor is launched under the command of Captain Theros.
  • The USS Endeavor in a joint mission with USS Constellation dispatched to planet R-597 to rescue reluctant colonists.
  • The Constitution-class USS Republic is launched under the command of Captain Bruce Paulson.
  • The USS Republic, while readying for its shakedown cruise, races to Starbase 9 to stem an Orion incursion.
  • The USS Constellation and USS Endeavor deliver the rescued colonists of planet R-597 to their new home on Zulu-998 (USS Constellation: "Nuts").
  • The USS Hood responding to a distress call from USS RUTLEDGE makes first contact with a renegade group of Talosians roaming the quadrant and detaining races on which to experiment.
  • The USS Endeavor is dispatched to find the missing USS FERMI and has an encounter with an enigmatic being known as the Oculus.
  • The USS Republic is headed for the Aquarius sector to locate the science vessel USS PROTEUS which has been listed as overdue.
  • The USS Lexington is assigned as the transport to return the Romulan Ambassador to the Federation to a RSN Warbird in the Neutral Zone for return to Romulus. At that time the new Romulan Ambassador will return on USS Lexington to take up his new position on Earth.
  • The USS Constellation is dispatched to system 9963-Doradus to assist the crew of quadrillium Refinery Station ECHO investigate the disappearance of several workers (USS Constellation: "Deepening Shadows").
  • The USS Intrepid is tasked with transporting the Federation ambassador to a regional peace conference on Arcturus. Along the way INTREPID receives a distress signal from a small freighter owned by Charles Watson Mudd. ("USS INTREPID: A Talking To")
  • USS Hood responds to a large object passing across the Gorn-Federation border near the Cestus system.