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Updated SD 2262.215

To Apply for an Opening:

Individual Players

  • Contact the Chief of Starfleet Operations with your name, your proposed character's name, the position you'd like to play and the ship you'd like to be posted to. He will then direct you to the appropriate person.
  • Contact the Captain directly with your name, your proposed character's name, and the position you'd like to apply for. Please do not apply for a position that is not listed below as vacant. You can contact the Captain of each ship by clicking on the starship's name below.

Ships and Starbases

  • Contact the Chief of Starfleet Operations with your name and contact information, the name of the ship you intend to bring into ORIGINS, and the rest of the players' names and contact information. He will then work with you on character bios and placement within ORIGINS.

Please keep in mind that, in this Trek time frame, there are no Marines; regular Security officers ("redshirts") handled most shipboard marine duties. We are therefore not filling the position of Marine Commanding Officer on any ORIGINS unit at this time. If you are interested in this style of character in this alternate timeline, your best option is to take on the role of Chief Security Officer.

Supplemental Information:

Player Openings


  • USS Lexington:
    Helmsman (HELM) or Communications Officer (COMM)
    Navigator (NAV)
    Chief Science Officer (SCI)
    Chief Medical Officer (MED)
    Chief Engineer (ENG)
    Chief Security Officer (SEC)




Remember, we are always willing to open new ships as the interest demands- if you do not see a position here that suits your desires, don't walk away- contact the Chief of Starfleet Operations for information on how to open a new ship in ORIGINS.

^ NOTE- Only experienced ASR players may apply for the positions of Captain and First Officer. Furthermore, no player may command more than one STAR FLEET: Prime, STAR FLEET: ORIGINS or STAR FLEET: BEYOND unit at a time.