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Free Threads

What is a free thread?

A "free thread" is a generic term used to describe ANY unit within the framework of ASR/STAR FLEET that does not fit into the conventional starship or starbase role-play environment. Such units might be marine fighter units or intelligence operations units, or conventional units following specific storylines that are divergent with the rest of the fleet.

Free Threads in ASR/STAR FLEET come in two types: a "full" free thread and a "limited" free thread.

The Limited Free Thread

A "limited free thread is defined as a unit with a limited number of players, limited scope, and/or limited duration and receives no support from BuPERS nor retains any Round Table representation.

An example of such a unit in ASR/STAR FLEET would be TASK FORCE SIERRA or the USS PEGASUS: both maintain a shifting roster of players, and have a fixed mission scope that is outside of typical ASR threads.

The Full Free Thread

A "full free thread" is defined as a unit that, in terms of player numbers, duration and scope follows standard ASR protocols and retains both BuPERS support and RT representation rights yet operates on specific threads outside of typical ASR story arcs.

While there are no current full free threads in ASR/STAR FLEET, there have been several examples of them in the past, notably the USS ODYSSEY or the 21st Marine Tactical Fighter Wing: those units followed very different storylines from the rest of ASR's units but followed standard ASR protocols with regards to player numbers, etc.

How do I join free thread?

You join one by contacting the free thread's commanding officer and working with him/her on a bio for your character. However, you need to get permission from your current CO/CO's to create a second/multiple character.

How do I create my own free thread?

At this time, since there are relatively few free threads in ASR/STAR FLEET, approval of all free threads lies with the CSFO. You can pitch him/her your idea by dropping him/her a line.

When you do, you should include the following information:

  • DESCRIPTION OF CONCEPT- at least a couple of paragraphs
  • MISSION TYPES- what kind of missions will you run?
  • RECRUITING- how do you plan on recruiting players?
  • EXPECTATIONS- posting requirements, mail formatting, etc.
  • STRUCTURE- billets, chain of command, etc.
  • RANKING- only necessary if rank structure is a departure from Starfleet's

Remember: the more complete your proposal, the more likely it is to be approved. Sending in a paragraph sketch for a solo thread (one writer- yourself) is probably not going to fly...but something that is well thought-out, detailed, with at least a couple of supporting players will most likely WILL work.


Most of this document used the following documents as source material:

  • The Revitalization Committee Report to the Special Round Table Session of August, 2010 (ratifed by RT vote)
  • The Ancillary Fleet Manual v. 3.0 (Updated SD 150728- Scott Lusby/unknown prior authors)