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Deep Space 13 Central Database
Updated SD 210531

DS13 Station Patch

Welcome to the homepage for Deep Space 13, the headquarters of the Krima Expeditionary Force of ASR's Gold Fleet. It is a new Redoubt-class space station, located in orbit around the planet Beta Iotia V, barely 20 light-years from the Tholian Holdfast and Gorn Hegemony borders.

Deep Sapce 13 was first commissioned on Stardate 110911 under the command of Commander S'Tveck. It was destroyed on Stardate 131108 by unknown forces. It was then rebuilt, finally re-commissioned on Stardate 171001 under the command of Jerid Dorvan. Currently, the station is under the command of Commander Rivenda April, RN.

If you are interested in learning more about Deep Space 13, please contact her Commanding Officer, Commander April (played by Sean Murphy), or her Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander Juliana Lorress (played by Susanne Dubrov). Further information about role-playing opportunities in Gold Fleet can be directed to Tim Cooke, who plays the Commander-in-Chief of Gold Fleet.

NOTE: This unit is currently closed for RP. The station was destroyed and has been supplanted by Orestes Station.

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