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LCDR Vymora Einicrox- Security Officer, USS Odyssey

Captain (O-6)

  • Player: Susanne Dubrov
  • Contact: Email
  • Last Updated: SD 27710103.1700

Lieutenant Commander Vymora Einicrox, Security, USS Odyssey
Basic Information 

Name: Einicrox, Vymora

Rank: Lieutenant Commander 
Current Assignment: USS DEMORA SULU (HWF)
Current Position:  pNPC of David Martens, acting as Special Ops CO
Formerly (as PC) Second Officer / Chief Security Officer of the USS HORIZON 
Service #: NZ7-71449-675 

Race: Human/Andorian 
Sex: Female 
Age: 29 (technically 379 years in ASR: BEYOND)
Date of Birth: November 15, 2393 
Place of Birth: Vernex City, Epsilon Indi VIII (Andor or Fesoan) 

Citizenship: United Federation of Planets 

Physical Description 
Skin: Dark Blue
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown 
Height: 183 cm 
Weight: 73 KG 
Distinctive Features: Vymora´s hair is dark-brown, not white as it is the case 
for other Andorians. That is about the only genetic difference  between her and 
her pure-blooded brethren. Recently however, she started to dye her hair and 
eyebrows for the snow-white Andorian look.

Marital Status: Married (see below Traditions and Beliefs) 
Spouses: Commander Kallesin ´n Galeda (fiance´) see also Traditions and Beliefs 
Children: None 
Father: Thorthanal Einicrox (Andorian), Wing Commander Andorian Defense  
        Force, currently residing on Andor

Mother: Barbra Gillis (Human), Major Marine Engineering Corps, currently   
        residing on Andor  
Siblings: One brother Ixan (21 years old), currently at Starfleet Academy, 
          San Francisco, Earth

Elementary School and High School on Andor

Star Fleet Academy (San Francisco, Earth)
 ** 2 Years General Studies
 ** 2 Years Security Branch Training

Languages: Federation Standard, Andorian, Klingon

Personal History 

Vymora´s parents met during an Advanced Officers Training Course on Andor and 
married soon thereafter. Vymora and her brother Ixan experienced some prejustice 
in Andorian society due to their mixed upbringing and physical characteristics 
(Ixan has the same dark hair as his sister) but as far as Vymora was concerned 
it only strengthened her desire to become a "true" Andorian and she embraced the 
ancient traditions of combat and pride. 

Given the warlike culture of Andor in which they were fully immersed and the 
professions of their parents, it wasn't much of a surprise that both siblings 
would enter military service. With some difficulty their father finally accepted 
that Starfleet would offer his children greater opportunities than the Andorian 
Armed Forces.

Vymora was the first one to join the Academy at age 19 with a major in Tactical 
/ Security and a minor in Flight Operations. Her explosive temper soon earned 
her the nickname "torpedo case". After an incident where Vymora beat up a fellow 
cadet for making unwanted advances on her (breaking his arm and dislocating his 
jaw in the process) she underwent prolonged counselling sessions until she had 
learned to control her rage - at least for the most part.

Despite the reprimand that came with the brawl, her excellent grades in military 
and piloting classes and weapons engineering left no doubt that she would 
graduate successfully.

After a final cadet cruise aboard the USS DESTINY, Einicrox was assigned as Chief 
of Security to the USS HORIZON and she joined the ship just as the Telmarc-
Federation war began. Since then she has participated in the battle of Oputpost 721 
and a mission to the planet Anabaron where the government was secretly manipulated 
by the Telmarcs. The mission of Anabaron also marked the beginning of her romantic 
involvement with the Science Officer of the HORIZON Kallesin ´n Galeda culminating 
in their engagement and solid plans for marriage.

Service Record

To Whom It May Concern:
Thou she was only with us a few days Ensign Vymora Einicrox has made a welcome 
addition to the crew of the DESTINY. She was assigned to the DESTINY for the final 
portion of her Starfleet Training and Basic Training for all members of the 
Holoworld Fleet here in the Cocoon. She has proved herself a very welcome addition 
to the DESTINY despite the shortness of her time on board.

During her training she was assigned as acting Chief of Security. Her duties required 
her to lead an away team to a derelict Bajoran Science ship the DESTINY was sent to 
investigate. During the mission she was able to secure the ship and rescue the crew 
members remaining on the ship at the time the DESTINY arrived. During the course of 
her mission she was also able to discover the cause of the loss of life on the ship, 
an energy life form.

Ensign Einicrox successfully aided the DESTINY's bridge crew in finding and securing 
the energy life form.

Ensign Einicrox has a dedicated personality for her duties as a Starfleet officer, 
as well she young and energetic. I have also found her to be a woman who takes her 
responsibilities seriously and is not afraid to admit to errors and accept the 
consequences of her actions.

I have no doubt that Ensign Einicrox will make an indispensable addition to any crew 
she is assigned to. I wish her the best of luck in her future with Starfleet and the 
Holoworld Fleet.

May the Prophets guide her.
Lt. Cmdr. Lucas Walker
Holoworld Fleet

It is with much pride that I am pleased to record that Lt<jg> Vymora Enicrox 
completed her Command Grade Test and Simulation on the above stardate, with a 
higher performance than I could have expected.  As ships CO in the command simulation 
she demonstrated a high degree military and tactical ability, the ability to adapt 
and be innovative with tactics and the calm and competency of command material during 
a high stress situation in which a close friend was lost.  Even after this loss she 
continued to maintain her command and managed to save the majority of colonists and 
members of her crew in a no win situation.  It is with honor and pride that myself 
and the ship's CO, Captain James Burke announce Lt.  Einicrox's completion of this 
test but also the position of second officer aboard the USS HORIZON.

Lt. Nova'Song
First Officer

Service History

SD 16.0801 Graduated from Star Fleet Academy
SD 16.0819 Assigned to the USS Destiny as Acting CSO
SD 16.0827 Completed Cadet Cruise, promoted to Ensign
SD 16.0829 Assigned to USS HORIZON as Chief Security Officer
SD 16.1017 Promoted to Lieutenant (jg)
SD 17.0511 Completed Starfleet Command Grade Training
SD 17.0704 Promoted to Lieutenant
SD 18.0404 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
SD 20.0107 Transferred to the USS Olympus-Mons as Marine Liaison 
SD 21.0927 transferred to the USS DEMORA - SULU after nearly destruction of 
  the USS OLYMPUS - MONS, current position Chief of Special Operations 


SD: 16.1205 Silver Nebular Award
SD: 16.1205 Distinguished Service Medal 
SD: 17.0312 Anabaron Medal of Honour (non-Starfleet award)


one for beating up a fellow cadet

one for leaving the USS HORIZON during their diplomatic mission to Anabaron 
without the permission of a superior officer (AWOL)


Medical Information


Medical Profile

I judge Cadet Einicrox fully fit for all forms of duty. Like all Andorians she 
requires a great amount of complex protein for its maintenance and growth so her 
diet is largely carnivorous. Lack of complex protein will result in a paling of 
the skin and general loss of physical capabilities.

Andorian skeletal structure, while it is similar in layout to Humans, is less what 
we traditionally consider bone and has more in common physically with 
insectoid Chitin- as tough as bone but with the potentially supple properties of 
cartilage. This makes the skeletal structure of the Andorian very difficult to 
break through blunt force or falling. However, should the bone actually break, 
it is rarely a clean break. 

Lt. Reinhard MD, Starfleet Academy

Psychological Profile

Vymora Einicrox has a temperament that matches and sometimes exceeds every 
cliché´ about Andorian fierceness. 

With the help of the Counsellors at Starfleet Academy she learned to control 
that temper and channel it into constructive use. On duty she is the calm and 
controlled Starfleet member that everyone expects her to be, releasing any 
possible anger or frustrations on the holodeck afterwards (see Hobbies and 
Interests). However, anyone foolish enough to test her patience deliberately 
again and again will eventually discover that the Andorians can indeed kick butt 
if they choose to.

She has a natural head and instinct for tactical and strategic situations as 
long as she can keep her cool. Once Vymora has developed some patience with 
other people she could be an efficient leader, although it is unlikely that she 
will ever become an able diplomat.

Prof. Green, Counselor, Starfleet Academy 


Architecture, Eastern Terran philosophy (especially the teachings of Sun Tzu and 
Miamoto Musashi), Meditation and Military History as well as Martial Arts in 
general. Vymora never acquired a black belt or the equivalent thereof in any 
martial art but she adopted moves and techniques from a variety of sources, 

resulting an a unique and unpredictable fighting style and she's constantly on 
the prowl to learn more. Recently she re-discovered Anbo-Jitsu the so-called ultimate 
martial art which she hadn't pursuit since shortly before graduating from the Academy.

Vymora can also often be found on the holodeck, recreating hand-to-hand combat 
scenarios in historical settings. Her preferred opponents seem to be holographic 
Klingons and Jem Hadar since "you don't have to pull punches with them". Her weapon 
of choice is the "Ushaan-tor", an ice miners tools that is also used as a duelling 
weapon. The Ushaan-tor is is an almond-shape piece of steel with a handgrip cut into 
one side and a saw-toothed blade on the other one.

Traditions and Beliefs 
Vymora adheres to the traditional Andorian beliefs of a pantheon of gods although 
her main use of these beings seems to be to swear by their names occasionally. 
Andorian religion is simple, practical and utterly without theological speculation. 
Andorian "gods" are always deified spirits of heroic ancestors or personifications 
of natural and psychological forces - or combinations of the two. They have 
straightforward and practical functions (guiding their descendants, bringing rain, 
promoting fertility, protecting the herds, etc.), and are seen as having attributes 
and limitations much like those of their worshippers. For example, the war-god 
Fierce Larashkail is usually depicted as armed, embattled and enraged - the epitome 
of a fierce male Andorian warrior. 

Her meditative practices recently connected her to some kind of psychic archetype 
that Vymora for lack of a better name - or any name at all - refers to as the 
goddess of war - object of worship and advisor in one package.

According to Andorian customs Vymora was bonded to a group of three males upon 
reaching second puberty. However, now that she made plans (and more than that) to 
marry Commander `n Galeda her former bondings are in a state of divorce. One of her 
husbands was arrested for criminal conspiration and attempted murder after he 
conceived a plan to kill Commander `n Galeda with the help of two HORIZON crewmembers.

Later Vymora followed her designated husband Kallesin to his new assignment aboard 
the USS OLYMPUS MONS, assuming the position of Marine liaison. After Kallesin´s 
transfer to the USS DEMORA SULU she became head of a special operations team that 
handled assignment outside the scope of normal tactical operations.