ASR Honors List- April 2009 Round Table

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Please join me in congratulating writers and administrators listed
below; they are examples of the finest that ASR has to offer.

CONGRATS one and all!


Lena Rose,
ADM Xelestra Zadara
Commander-in-Chief, Star Fleet (CINCSF)
Star Fleet Command, SB ALPHA


Anna Cordrey,
ADM Leon Kidd
Chief of Starfleet Operations (CSFO)
Star Fleet Command, SB ALPHA


Stefan Wiedner (XO, USS VALHALLA)
Stefan has been a steadfast player for the VALHALLA ever since he has
come on board. He has been an invaluable XO, a constant source for ideas 
creativity and a great inspiration in both his writing technique and
dedication to the true spirit of role playing and the team of the USS

Markku Herd (CO,USS ANDROMEDA) For stepping up and into the
command chair when Karen left. Mark, I don't say it enough, but you're 
a hell of a job.

Scott Ramos (CO,USS YAMATO) Thank you!! Thank You!!
Thank you!! You're always there when I need you. You're the Dr. Watson to 
Sherlock Holmes. The Little John to my Robin Hood.

Anna Cordray (CO,SB SAIKAI) Anna you're doing a great job
in Ed's absence. And congrats on your new position.

Chris Mayberry (CO,USS NEBULA) Chris holds it together even
when the posting is slow, you still keep the faith.

Andy Catterick (CO,USS KIROV) Andy, I hated to lose you. You're a great

Mary McNeely (CO,USS AMBERJACK) Her characters are always interesting, and
find themselves in the most ungodly situations.


Rob Meier (MED, USS FEARLESS): Rob has been a consistently strong
contributor to the story line. He works to involve his fellow writers and
hook others into the plot as a good writer should.

Tim Sowards (OPS, USS ANDROMEDA): Continues Tim Smolen's legacy of 
in ideas and developing plotlines. His enthusiastic writing keeps the 
in motion.

Craig Barrett (FCO, USS ANDROMEDA): Tireless veteran player, Craig's a
mainstay of the ship with his quiet and loyal character.

Mary McNeely (TAC, USS ANDROMEDA): In charge of the big guns of the ship 
fingers constantly itching to hit the trigger, she gives the ship an edge
and constantly provides role playing hooks.


Blue Fleet Outstanding Unit citation this time goes to USS VALHALLA.


Karen Fainges, former CO, USS ANDROMEDA: The joining of the Hunter Adams 
and the Andromeda crews made a strong unit that flourished under Karen's
captaincy. Her personal touch gave a real family feel to the ship, and we
can only hope to keep up that motivation now that she has left us. Thank
you for the wonderful time, Karen!

Tim Smolen, former OPS, USS ANDROMEDA: During his stay with the ship, Tim
did wonderful work. His knowledge of Trek history and technology was
invaluable, as was his ability to keep track of those pesky loose ends
that others tried very hard to forget.

Bruce Summa CINCSF:
I wanted to take one last moment to publicly wish Bruce Summa all the best.
As most of you probably know, he's not simply stepping down from CINCSF,
but leaving ASR. As one who has written with him and worked as both his
boss and his subordinate in admin, I can say that ASR will miss him; he's
been a good servant in a most difficult job. I will miss him as well.

-- Scott Lusby
Soon-to-be Former Delegate of Gold Fleet